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Asia Genesis commits to continue setting highest possible standards in the hedge fund industry.

This is based on the philosophy of putting our investors’ interests foremost.

The principles applied are demonstrated in the structure and fees of our Fund.
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Principle #2

We get paid only if we made money for our investors. As such we waive management fee if the Fund ends the year in negative. Likewise performance fee has highwater mark.

Principle #3

We work diligently and adopt active trading strategies and tactics that aim to obtain positive returns every month, with the goal of superior yearly returns with low downside volatility.

Principle #1

We get paid only after we finished our job. As such our management fee is charged only at the end of the year.

Principle #7

We ensure greatest transparency possible. We are opened to independent check on our trades and positions from both administrators and our brokers to our investors. Our office, its risk management, operations and trading units are welcoming to operational due diligence from our investors.

Principle #4

We ensure maximum liquidity for our investors. As such we are engaged mainly in most liquid products with no redemption charge, no lock-in period, and is flexible to accept short notices to redemption.

Principle #6

We ensure greatest assurance of accuracy in verification and audit. By year-end we closed all positions and have a cash audit. Investors and auditors, administrators, regulators, etc can be most assured.

Principle #5

We ensure minimum counterparty risk. As such we are engaged almost exclusively in listed exchange-listed contracts.

Technology vector created by kjpargeter

Technology vector created by kjpargeter

Separately, our Founder is personally committed and pledged to enlarge the base of his success and share all of his share of financial rewards to conservation efforts of the Earth, the poor, the sick, the distressed, etc.     

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