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Our Approach

Capital Preservation and Compounding

We apply our understanding and skills to thrive in all market terrains - bull, bear, range, high volatility & low volatility achieving the twin-goal of capital preservation and compounding yearly positive net returns.

Tactical and Nimble Trading

Our strategy and tactics are anchored on timely understanding of evolving and changing market macro fundamentals and the key infection points.  We devise and apply appropriate strategies and tactics to the relevant technical and micro factors in the markets and to each specific product.

Market Psychology

Market psychology is another area of our expertise, through active daily involvement, reflection and connection to the big-picture.

Sustainable Positive Returns

Our principle is to consistently, actively identify and execute many good risk/reward trades to produce positive and sustainable returns with low downside volatility. Nimble, flexible and active tactical trading is sometimes followed with dynamic hedging of market risk. We participate across the universe of key equity indices, interest rates and currencies of exchange-listed futures and options contracts. We endeavour to make many superior, lowest-cost trade decisions and manage changing risks flexibly, resulting in a cumulative superior yearly investment outcome.

Liquidity and Transparency

We trade in the most liquid exchange-listed products ensuring scalability and minimal risk for valuation error, illiquidity or credit risk.

Seeking to improve the Art of Money Management within the Science of Probability 
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