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Our philosophy is to put investor interests foremost
Our principles are demonstrated in our structure and fees
Our commitment is to set the highest possible standards


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Principle #1

Investor interest is foremost

  • No upfront/ sales fee

  • No lock-in

  • No redemption charges/ penalties

Principle #2

Get paid only after our job is finished

  • Management fee is paid only at year-end

Principle #3

Get paid only if we made money for investors

  • No management fee if no profits by year-end

  • No performance fee if below High-Water Mark

Principle #4

Work diligently, with active tactical trading 

  • Consistent positive returns with low downside volatility across different
    market cycles and macro environments

Principle #5

Optimal liquidity, transparency, pricing accuracy

  • Most liquid exchange-listed products

  • Eliminate counterparty risk

Principle #6

Due Diligence and Peace of Mind

  •  Institutional investors conduct thorough due diligence 

  • Direct access to records at fund administrator, broker

Principle #7

Independent Verification and Assurance

  • NAV verification by independent Fund Administrator

  • Annual audit by Big Four 

  • Annual internal audit

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